Our Services

Coffee and Code is a web development company that aims to meet and exceed your project's goals. Our experience and passion for producing quality software has allowed us to fit many different scenarios across a wide range of technologies. Regardless of what form our work takes we tend to keep our conversations frequent, our timelines transparent, and our discussions informal.

Our work typically falls within the following categories:

software consulting

Software Consulting

Creating and implementing a large application involves a lot more than just software development. Our clients rely on our extensive knowledge and experience to help guide their project planning and decision making. Let us help outline available options while talking about pros / cons, cost estimates, and the impact it will have on your existing technology and team.

Check out the AIM and Scout RFP portfolio projects to learn more about how we empowered our clients have control of their software development process.

application development

Application Development

We build and help others build web applications from scratch, navigate their team politics and legacy code, and test out new business ideas using prototypes and building MVPs. We work in a variety of technologies that includes Ruby / Rails, Phonegap, and others.

Our work with iDisclose shows off our MVP application development while Govberg Jewelers is a good example of building a web application to work on a variety of devices.

user experience and design

User Experience and Design

We like to begin our projects with research and continue to make decisions based on collected user data. We've partnered with clients looking to rebrand their applications as well as who've needed brands built from scratch.

We helped Wastebits and Akron2Akron with modern design focused on usability.

training and coaching

Training and Coaching

We work with your own development team to train your existing employees through pair programming and coaching services. We teach technologies such as native web applications, Ruby on Rails, and complicated front-end applications.

We helped build teams and train existing employees at VHT and provided help bridging the gap between stakeholders and developers with Scout RFP and KnowledgePost.