The AIM Institute


The AIM Institute was recommended to work with us because of our Ruby on Rails experience. They had pioneered a suite of game-changing customer-facing tools and skills for B2B companies all over the world. They provide on-site training as well as online elearning modules and had a suite of software to help conduct their training sessions and manage client course content.

While they have a wide technical breadth in their production systems, they prefer to work with local professionals to help manage their software suite.

Over the course of a few weeks, we were able to work with them to identify the most painful parts of their software and begin fixing critical issues. We were also able to deliver their e-learning content faster to their global customers.

Our Work

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Front-End Development
  • Technology Consulting
  • Ongoing Support

In a short amount of time they were able to learn our infrastructure, provide us with management capabilities, increase our security, and help us provide a better experience to our global clients. They were able to quickly accomplish tasks that we've been planning for years. All that, and a pleasure to work with!”

Dan Adams, President and Founder of The AIM Institute

We are still working with AIM on an ongoing basis to provide technical support and application development services.


Most of the work is Ruby on Rails development, though we also worked on global content delivery over AWS CloudFront, repackaged their installable software to be more secure and available digitally, and helped to define and improve the administrator workflow.