Webapps for Media Companies


Leveraging our front-end web development experience, we were able to create fast, reliable, and engaging customer experiences on a number of different mobile devices for our friends at Studio Mercury.

The applications were designed to adapt to the user’s network activity, providing only the features they had access to. They also responsively adapted to screen size, allowing us to deliver experiences to more platforms without the long-term maintenance of several different applications.


Our Work

  • Javascript
  • Front-End Development
  • Technology Consulting

Coffee and Code has been amazing to work with over the course of many different projects. They paired elegantly with our team and were able to help us bring our ideas to fruition. With our client list, that's no small feat.”

The Brothers Mueller, Digital Design Directors at Studio Mercury

Some projects were to replace existing applications, while others were designed from scratch and integrated custom APIs to deliver information to the applications. Speed and reliability were always in our sights.

The custom built experiences allowed our customers to show off their brand, provide support information in the hands of their users, and to cross promote their products across different magazines.


Each of the applications were self-contained native web applications, relying on heavy JavaScript to produce a seamless experience. The applications were then deployed using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite for consumption on iOS / Android phones and tablets.