samples of vLoan work


vLoan is building a better way to get a mortgage online. They contacted us to leverage our UI design and front end development skills. We used analytic data and metrics to refine existing pages on their site. They launched their online mortgage service with an MVP product, but found it was time to refine and iterate on what they were using.

We also helped them build the interface for vQual, their system for applying for and receiving mortgage prequalifications. The goal was to create a simplified interface and enable homebuyers and refinancers to easily communicate with their agents and submit documents.


Our Work

  • User Focused Design
  • Front End Development
screenshot of example Disclosure Quest search results

We redesigned and rebuilt numerous pieces with vLoan, including targeted landing pages and helped put structure to a variety of city and state targeted campaigns.

A particular challenge working with vLoan was integrating our work into (but also advancing) an existing design language. We prioritized creating reusable patterns wherever possible, and designed everything to be cohesive when viewed together.