Hearthstone's Home4Care

Home4Care UI mockup


Working with the team from Hearthstone Alzheimer Care, we were able to take information aquired from their research to build a tablet application for Alzheimer caregivers. It included a collection of activities focused on spurring communictation between the caregivers and their clients.

In addition, we were able to tie in elearning content to provide helpful information to the caregivers. We tracked their pre & post test information and monitor growth and provided an interface to query and manage patient information within individual companies.


Our Work

  • Application Design
  • PhoneGap
  • Javascript
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Front-End Development
  • User Experience Design
  • Prototyping

Home4Care UI rationale

The design of the application introduced an interesting challenge. While most of our projects focus on web-based software as a service users, this time we had an older audience who have much less experience with electronic devices like tablets. We needed the experience to not feel too foreign and focused on larger, bolder colors to help direct the user to areas of interest.

To learn more about the design process for this application, check out our Home4Care design deep dive blog post.


The main Home4Care application is built with PhoneGap and includes elearning and video content the client created using Articulate. PhoneGap allowed us to write HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build a client-side experience for the caregivers that we could deliver to Android and iOS devices.

A server-side component was created in Ruby on Rails to manage users, companies, activity data, collect test and client information, as well as provide exports for reporting purposes.